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TAPW14-5231 14mm (6x16.4mts)TAPW14-5231 14mm (6x16.4mts)
TAPW19-6939 19mm (100mts)TAPW19-6939 19mm (100mts)
TAPW20-5110C1 20mm (4x25mts)TAPW20-5110C1 20mm (4x25mts)
TAPW20-5209C1 20mm (4x25mts)TAPW20-5209C1 20mm (4x25mts)
TAPW20-5209C2 20mm (4x25mts)TAPW20-5209C2 20mm (4x25mts)
TAPW20-5210C2 20mm (4x25mts)TAPW20-5210C2 20mm (4x25mts)
TAPW20-5210C3 20mm (4x25mts)TAPW20-5210C3 20mm (4x25mts)
TAPW21-5153 21mm (4x24mts)TAPW21-5153 21mm (4x24mts)
TAPW23-5288 23mm (3x36mts)TAPW23-5288 23mm (3x36mts)
TAPW27-5493 27mm (5x20mts)TAPW27-5493 27mm (5x20mts)
TAPW31-5563 31mm (3x43mts)TAPW31-5563 31mm (3x43mts)
TAPW38-5325 38mm (2x40mts)TAPW38-5325 38mm (2x40mts)
TAPW40-5361 40mm (2x50mts)TAPW40-5361 40mm (2x50mts)
TAPW40-5380 40mm (6x16.4mts)TAPW40-5380 40mm (6x16.4mts)
TAPW50-5326 50mm (2x70mts)TAPW50-5326 50mm (2x70mts)
TAPW95-5466 95mm (12X8.2mts)TAPW95-5466 95mm (12X8.2mts)

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