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Jacket & Leisurewear Fasteners
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FAS15-3537 D15L White Prongs (2000pcs)FAS15-3537 D15L White Prongs (2000pcs)
FAS15-3917 B15L NF Silver Sockets (2000pcs)FAS15-3917 B15L NF Silver Sockets (2000pcs)
FAS15-3918 C15L NF Silver Duostuds(2000pcs)FAS15-3918 C15L NF Silver Duostuds(2000pcs)
FAS15-3919 D15L NF Silver Prongs (2000pcs)FAS15-3919 D15L NF Silver Prongs (2000pcs)
FAS15-823 A15L White Pearl Caps (2000pcs)FAS15-823 A15L White Pearl Caps (2000pcs)
FAS16-1270 A16L White Caps (2000pcs)FAS16-1270 A16L White Caps (2000pcs)
FAS16-1271 A16L Clear Diamond Caps (2000pcs)FAS16-1271 A16L Clear Diamond Caps (2000pcs)
FAS16-1692 D16L White Prongs (2000pcs)FAS16-1692 D16L White Prongs (2000pcs)
FAS16-2147 A16L (2000pcs)FAS16-2147 A16L (2000pcs)
FAS16-2295 A16L Coloured Caps (1000pcs)FAS16-2295 A16L Coloured Caps (1000pcs)
FAS16-3363 B16L NF Silver Sockets (2000pcs)FAS16-3363 B16L NF Silver Sockets (2000pcs)
FAS16-3364 C16L NF Silver Duo Studs (2000pcs)FAS16-3364 C16L NF Silver Duo Studs (2000pcs)
FAS16-3365 D16L NF Silver Prongs (2000pcs)FAS16-3365 D16L NF Silver Prongs (2000pcs)
FAS16-361 A16L Nickel Caps (2000pcs)FAS16-361 A16L Nickel Caps (2000pcs)
FAS16-3730 A16L (2000pcs)FAS16-3730 A16L (2000pcs)
FAS16-408 A16L Nickel Caps (2000pcs)FAS16-408 A16L Nickel Caps (2000pcs)
FAS16-820 A16L White Pearl Caps (2000pcs)FAS16-820 A16L White Pearl Caps (2000pcs)
FAS16-963 A16L (2000pcs)FAS16-963 A16L (2000pcs)
FAS16-965 A16L (2000pcs)FAS16-965 A16L (2000pcs)
FASPL10-5461/62/63 (2000sets)FASPL10-5461/62/63 (2000sets)

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